We recently cleared two songs as part of our on-going work on Bethesda Softworks' upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order video game: John Lee Hooker's classic "Boom Boom", featured in this gameplay trailer as a German-language re-record (the central conceit of the game is that the Nazis won World War II), and "Nowhere To Run" by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, featured in this trailer. Lots more happening with this project - stay tuned!
When headphone and audio accessories brand Skullcandy urgently needed a handful of songs to include at kiosks in major retailers worldwide, we were happy to help. We immediately posted the opportunity in our proprietary BrandsForBands platform, and conducted an offline search, as well. The response from the label community was swift and huge, resulting in tracks from Wallpaper. (Sony), Mapei (Downtown/Universal) and Ghost Beach (Nettwerk/SONGS).
Outdoor apparel powerhouse Columbia Sportswear recently called us with an urgent need for a song to accompany the unveiling of the uniforms they designed and manufactured for the US, Russian and Canadian Olympic ski teams. We secured the rights to a track by EDM legend Pretty Lights within hours and the day was saved.
Santa Monica-based BeachMint is one of the brightest lights in the emerging social commerce landscape. When they enlisted our help in finding the perfect song for a couple TV and web spots they were producing, we were happy to help out, eventually pairing them with excellent emerging Minneapolis band Bad Bad Hats.
Danny Davis is a snowboarding legend, so when our longtime client Burton Snowboards needed a perfect but affordable soundtrack for his recent 22-minute Peace Park TV special, they relied on our proprietary BrandsForBands platform. The result? Eleven great songs from established artists and labels, including Mexican Summer, Domino, Dangerbird and others.
Our friends at Fossil recently hit us up on behalf of their Danish brand Skagen with an urgent request: they needed songs by established Danish artists to preload into iPhones being distributed to European VIPs. We quickly mobilized, sourcing a batch of quality tunes then obtaining the necessary clearances on a ridiculously short deadline. Mission accomplished!
Marc Jacobs, the man, came up amidst the alt- and indie rock sounds of NYC's L.E.S., so it's no surprise to see/hear Marc Jacobs, our client, featuring the same kind of bracing, gritty tuneage in videos like this one, this one and this one. All feature songs from established artists, licensed in minutes via our BrandsForBands platform. How can it work for you?
We live for those times when an amazing brand takes an amazing song by an amazing band and features it in an amazing video. Such is the case with Oakley and AWOLNation. We were very pleased to license the MisZap remix of AWOL's bonafide hit "Sail" for this brand profile clip. Congrats to the band for hitting the big time at long last, and to Oakley for having exquisite taste. Simply...amazing.
As big fans of their awesome Bonfire Sessions, we're excited to assist the folks at JanSport with sourcing and licensing English- and Spanish-langauge songs to be made available as promotional downloads via Mexican retail affiliates. Check it out! 
As part of our work on Bethesda Softworks' upcoming game Wolfenstein: The New Order, we recently music supervised the announcement trailer, which features Jimi Hendrix's version of Dylan's masterpiece "All Along The Watchtower". Lots more cool stuff happening with this title - watch this space for details. 
The guys at Orange County-based Poor Boyz Productions are widely regarded as the masters of the ski film genre. We're excited to help them use BrandsForBands to source and license hundreds of songs for possible inclusion in their next, highly-anticipated project, Tracing Skylines. This is just what you need to tide you over until winter.
We're fortunate to work with a lot of extremely talented people. Case in point: the team at Forever 21 that created this awesome clip featuring "Hundred Hearts" by NYC's Zambri (sourced and licensed via BrandsForBands). It's this kind of inspired song use that makes us love our job...and our clients!
After over a year of hard work involving us and a whole team of people, we're ecstatic to announce the launch of BrandsForBands 2.0, the second incarnation of our proprietary online music licensing system. Simply put, this is one of most sophisticated music licensing solutions in existenceDrop us a line to see how it can work for you.
We've been huge fans of Nixon's watches, headphones and accessories for a long, long time, so when they hit us up about sourcing just the right tune for their 2013 Weird Surf video we were happy to help. They ended up choosing one of our faves, "Ray Gunn Radio" by The Franks. 
We've been busy licensing tracks for Juicy Couture, including a remixed version of Blondie's "Rapture", featured in their Spring 2013 Pin-Ups spotDiplo's "Butter's Theme" used in this Summer 2013 "It Takes Two" video, and Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" (performed by The Dollyrots)used in a Fall 2013 preview clip. Play loud!
Extremely stoked to be working with Transworld Snowboarding to source and license music (including tracks from Dan Deacon, Carnivores, Pepper Rabbit and more) for use in webisodes promoting their upcoming film "Nation". Check out the series here.
'47 Brand "Nice Hat" campaign, featuring "Please Please" by The Franks.

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